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Thoughts in the Squat

WARNING:  The following WILL bore non-baseball dorks, nerds, and people who are not reading or writing baseball blogs on a Saturday night.

Please note that I thought of this life altering defensive stat after:

A.) A six and half hour fantasy draft of which I only observed.

B.) A two hour car ride home from the fantasy draft.

C.) While on the toilet, where all of my greatest thoughts generate.


how to poop.png

KJ and I were listening to Marty Laurie on the post-game show during the ride home after the marathon fantasy draft.   I love Marty’s baseball knowledge, but it was a spring training post-game show and my attention was waning.  Marty hit on a few defensive notes, mostly on how Bochy will have to shuffle the defensive lineup late in games to get the best possible defensive lineup on the field at the most crucial times.

We have heard this at nausea leading up to the spring because of the signings of Mark DeRosa and Aubrey Huff.  Both of whom were brought to San Francisco to bolster the offense.

KJ put on a Death Cab CD, I did not object.

We arrived home and I headed straight to the bathroom.  I got in (as G-Rad would say) THE SQUAT and let my mind wander.




What makes a good defensive first baseman?

Range is not as important as it is at any other position.  Good hands and feet make a good one sacker.  How can I quantify this? 

Errors only tell the part of story.  Errors are not given to first basemen on balls in the dirt which are not caught.  They are given to the fielder who throws the ball.

First basemen prevent errors in the infield.  In Los Gigantes game against the A’s this afternoon, Aubrey Huff did not prevent an error on a throw in the dirt from shortstop Brandon Crawford.

As the late great Bill King would say, “Holy Toledo”.

That’s it.  Why is there not a statistic for this? 

This stat could be called something like “Pick Percentage” or “Error Prevention Percentage”.

The stat would apply on balls in the dirt from throws from infielders.  The throw must be within reaching distance.  Diving for an errant throw and missing would not count against the first baseman.

Here’s how it would work.

In one year Mark Teixeira picks 220/260 errant throws.  Teixeira’s PP (Pick Percentage) would be 84.6%.

Aubrey Huff picks 140/190 errant throws.  Huff’s PP would be 73.7%.

PP would allow us to evaluate First Basemen’s performance without bias.

PP appears too simple.  Does it already exist?  If it does, let me know.

I could get much deeper into PP and how it can be used to make future predictions for all infielders and how I could create a runs allowed statistic off PP.

I do not want to bore most of the TEN people who read this blog so I will stop.  If any MLB team would like to have me track this stat for $35,000 a year.  I will quit my job tomorrow.

Keeping it Light

I won’t pretend that I have never sent a text picture to the opposite sex to show them how attractive I am but I have never done what my friend did on Saturday afternoon.

My buddy C-Lew sent me a picture of himself that was obviously meant for a chica bonita.


CLew Loverboy.jpg

Here is his text which complimented the picture.  I wanted to see u… and I wore the red hat for u.”

I am not happy he was wearing a Cardinals hat.  C-Lew is a hardcore Gigantes fan.  I do love the thizz face.

I was thankful for him being clothed. I know how these texts can sometimes turn out.

This is how C-Lew should look.


The Crew.jpg

 I see a theme with C-Lew and the thizz face

Thirty seconds after I received C-Lew’s picture text I received another one.


naken landen.jpg 

This was edited.  Landen was in full view.

A naked man, it was fate.