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A Possible Return

Wow.  I have been absent of my Gigantes blog duties for a long time.  Here is a quick recap of my life since my last entry on The-Three-Bs.com (which I did not renew this year).

  1. Promoted at my job in May 2011 (the largest reason for my posts ending).
  2. Had my first daughter-12/31/11.  She witnessed Los Gigantes win the World Series in her first baseball season. Charmed start to her life.
  3. Got Married -3/24/13. She is a fan of both the Dodgers and Seahawks.  What a sick joke.
  4. Sold our First Home-12/24/13.
  5. Had my second daughter-12/26/13.  There is something to be said for consistency. I guess there is one week a year that my wife and I cannot resist each other. This child also witnessed a Los Gigantes World Series in her first baseball season.  Daughter number #1 is living in excess at this point.
  6. Founded my first company (side-gig) 1/25/14
  7. Moved into our new home in a new city- 3/8/14
  8. Forced to transfer to a new Location while retaining the same job (actually closer to our new home, so it worked out well) -5/1/2014
  9. Had a public company represent our product for distribution 9/1/2014
  10. Side Business started generating revenue 5/1/2015
  11. Public Company could not provide adequate support and meet the requirements of our distribution contract.  We were able to terminate and self distribute.
  12. Company grew and added a Partner and additional products and services-6/1/2016
  13. Third Daughter was born-10/11/16.  My wife was concerned we would have another child in the final week of the year.  We gritted it out and enjoyed each other, a full two months before our normal week of passion.  I watched Los Gigantes implode against the Cubs on my phone using the DirecTV app.  The Hospital had surprising fantastic wifi, which I truly appreciated through 8 full innings.

I have continued to be a monster fan of Los Gigantes through all of my life changes and new responsibilities.  My world view has evolved as a whole little clan depend on me for life necessitates.  This is to be expected.

It is my goal to post on here every once in a while.  Same rules as before- Don’t take anything to seriously. There is always a twinkle in my eye.

On this St. Patty’s Day 2017- Raise a Pint and your favorite Irish Whiskey (Red Breast, anyone?).  Maybe make an Irish Boilermaker and enjoy.

Just be sure to get home safe and not end up like this guy.


A Weekend To Remember



There are only a handful of times in your life where you will always remember where you were and what you were doing when an event occurred. 


In my lifetime:


1. (1989, 5 years old) Loma Preita Earthquake: I was with my sister in my parent’s living room watching Nickelodeon’s “You can’t do that on television.”




I stood in the door frame of the front door.  I was more intrigued than scared. 


2. (1994, 10 years old) First death of a friend: I was at my grandparent’s house watching SportsCenter when my Grandmother sat me down and gently explained that one of my Dad’s best friends had passed away.


I stared straight ahead at the television.  Orlando Merced hit a home run for the Pirates on the SportsCenter highlight as my Grandmother broke the news.

From that day forward I never liked Orlando Merced.  Later that day was the first time I really saw my Father cry.  I had no idea how to comfort him.


3. (2001, 17 years old) 9/11 Attacks: My Mother woke me up for school and told me an airplane crashed into one of twin towers.


I made breakfast and turned the television on in the kitchen.  I watched live as the 2nd airplane flew into the 2nd tower.  I was in complete shock.  My first period class was a U.S. Government class.  We listened on the radio as the Pentagon was hit and Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania.  I remember how quiet the school day was. 


4. (2010, 26 years old) Los Gigantes World Series Victory: This event is so insignificant in the grand scheme of life, but I will always where I was and what I did.  I was standing in front of the television next to KJ.  Wilson stuck out Cruz. We cheered, pounded a celebratory brew, and then realized the season was over. 


A bottle of Johnny Walker Blue was opened and we took in the postgame celebration.  I felt an odd mixture of emotions.  I reflected about all the games I attended as a child with my Father, Grandparents, and friends.  I was amazed how a game could completely intertwine with almost all phases of my life. 


5. (2011, 27 years old) President Obama’s announcement of the death of Osama bin Laden: Two hours before our President’s official announcement, the Twitter rumor mill was running rampart with news of the death of Osama bin Laden.  I turned on CNN, Wolf Blitzer was hinting about an announcement from the President in the East Room of the White House at 10:30pm EST.  They didn’t announce the death of Osama bin Laden until they had three confirmed sources.  I poured myself a stiff drink and waited for President Obama’s announcement.  President Obama was direct and eloquent (expect the teleprompter writer had a few stutters written in) addressing the nation.


President Obama really is a powerful speaker.


Bin Laden’s death is more of a symbolic than tactical victory in the war against terrorism and Al-Qaeda.  I feel good that the victims of 9/11 potentially have partial closure.  The wound will never heal, but the news had to feel like Neosporin was helping the scab to finally form.


I saw a quote today which people should take to heart before they shoot their shotguns in celebration of the death of a man, even a man as evil as Osama bin Laden.


“I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy.”- Martin Luther King, Jr.


Clever Political President


President Obama was an hour late in his scheduled announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death.  My sources (my brain) tell me the clever president waited so he could interrupt the west coast broadcast of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.


The President’s arm may be the weakest throwing arm from any president in the history of our nation, but he struck out Trump this week.


Birth Certificate: Strike One.


Correspondence dinner turned into impromptu Donald Trump roast: Strike Two.


Removing Osama bin Laden from the FBI’s most wanted list: Strike Three.


Hawk Harreleson, the announcer of the President’s favorite baseball (White Sox) team would say, “He Gone.”


Sports! Sports! Sports!


Alright, back to things I am more comfortable writing about; sports and alcohol consumption. 


4/29/11 Friday:


I attended game one of the Shark/Red Wings series.  It was a great game with great intensity.  I even made friends with a Red Wings fan.  He was wearing a Red Wings jersey with the #19 and “Stoner” on the back.


Stoner offered me a drink after the 1st period with the Wings leading 1-0. 


SLY: “I won’t turn down a drink.”


Stoner: “What do you want?”


SLY: “You buy, I drink.”


Stoner: (Yelling to anyone who would listen) “This is the coolest dude in the arena!”


As Stoner left I thought to myself, “anything but Jagermeister, anything but Jagermeister.”


Stoner returned with…Jagermeister.


SLY: “Thanks bro.”


Down went the Jagermeister.  The tequila went down much easier.


Stoner offered another drink after the 2nd period.  I did not decline and dropped the same line.


SLY: “You buy, I drink.”


Stoner gave me the gift of Jack Daniels for the 2nd round. 


Stoner turned to LJ and said something odd.


Stoner: “Is he (me) wearing eye liner?”

I guess my eyes look like Richard Alpert from Lost 

LJ: “No, it is natural.”


Was Stoner buying me drinks because he thought I was cute?


So that’s what it feels like to be a good looking girl.


Stoner was gracious in defeat.  We shook hands after the game, and he did not try to make a move.  What a gentleman. 


I was not a gentleman after the game.  The combination of tequila, Jagermeister, and Jack Daniels turned me into a 23 year old version of myself.  I was loud and obnoxious.


Saturday 4/30/11:


I ate breakfast at Black Bear diner in the late morning hours.  It was one of the worst dining experiences I have experienced in some time.  It was disappointing because Black Bear is usually quite good. 


I noticed Pablo Sandoval was not in the starting lineup for Saturday’s game against the Nationals.  KJ and I were both a little agitated about this.  We thought he sitting because a lefty was on the mound.


Before we left I used the bathroom at Black Bear.  I sat on the toilet (after careful cleaning and placing down a seat cover) and did the 21st century version of reading a newspaper on the can, I checked out Twitter.


Multiple tweets read something like: “Pablo Sandoval, broken hammate bone, surgery likely.”


My bathroom experience immediately turned ******.


I quickly spread the bad news to anyone I thought would feel as bad as I would.  It felt like a punch in the gut that Pablo used to posses. 


Saturday’s game was one of the weirdest games I have ever viewed.  I will not break down Sanchez’s performance.  He is a freaking enigma. 


I am seriously considering making a Johnny Sanchez drinking game to replace the “Barry Zito Drinking Game” while the Spiritual Southpaw is on the shelf.  The rules will be centered on walks, strikeouts, and men left on base.  Every participant should be blacked out by the 5th inning.


Brian Wilson’s mouth summed up the game when he escaped the top of the 9th inning after his own Johnny Sanchez inspired inning.




It was a fitting statement to describe the wackiness of the 2-1 Gigantes victory.


Sunday 5/2


I was unable to catch any of Los Gigantes (good thing) game as I was participating in my own baseball game with the San Jose Brewers. 


It was fun to hang out with all the guys again. I missed it.


KJ and I went over to RT’s house to catch the 3rd period of the Sharks/Red Wings game.  As always, RT had a fridge full of beer.  We drank and ate as we cheered the Sharks on to their 2-0 series lead.

As I stated before the playoffs started, I have that feeling with the Sharks.  Their season mirrors Los Gigantes of 2010. 


The Mets/Phillies game was on as I learned the news of Osama bin Laden.  It was fitting that a New York team was playing as President Obama announced the death to the world.  This may have been the first time Phillies fans expressed any brotherly love to Mets fans. I am positive I was not the only one who had goosebumps when the “USA, USA” chants were booming from the fans of Citizens Bank Park.


I turned on “American Dad” to end the night.


“Good morning USA, I have a feeling that it’s going to be a wonderful day.”


A fitting line for a day I will soon not forget.