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Go Ahead and Jump… Onto The Band Wagon

Look around the Bay Area, Gigantes gear is everywhere.  It was inevitable.  


A team wins a championship and becomes the toast of the region. 

We did not think we were immune to the effects of a glorious championship run did we?


Band Wagoner:


A sports fan that’s loyalty is contingent upon a team’s success. These fans are rarely respected in the sport fanatic community because they reap the rewards of victory, without a willingness or fortitude to face the hardships of defeat.


Thanks Urban Dictionary, and I thought you were only good for sex act definitions such as “Blumpkin Backfire”.


(I know you are going to look it up, be sure to NOT use Google images)


Over the past few months I have engaged in a number of conversations with other Gigantes fans about band wagon fans. The conversations usually ended with the “real” fan bashing the late arrivals to the party.


I had one question for every “real fan” that bashed a band wagon fan:


What is the harm of a band wagon fan?


The answers I was given were not adequate.


I consulted with KJ (as we were in the same mindset on the subject) on the negatives of band wagon fans. 


We could only come up with two true negatives.  That’s impressive because we were both Mensa candidates.


1.  Ticket Prices


I learned about supply and demand at Napa Valley College’s Micro Economics course. Gosh darn Stubhub.  Check out the prices on the secondary ticket market.  They are ridiculous. 


Home Opening day (4/8) tickets on Stubhub are starting at $130.  The $130 tickets are Section 333, Row 16.  It would cost a family of four over $500 just to get into the ballpark.


Ticket Scalper’s (brick and mortar Stubhub) will also be raising the price of their cream this season.  I used to tell my-go-to-scalper to bring the cream (best available) to 21st Amendment before the game.  I have a feeling the cream will be out of my price range this season. 


2.  Bad Conversations


One of my favorite pastimes is talking baseball.  I grew up around knowledgeable baseball minds and expect a certain level of baseball common sense in my baseball conversations.


Band wagon fans can be a disaster to have a baseball conversation with.  It makes me feel very uncomfortable, which is usually what I do best to others.


The conversation usually ends with awkward silence when I bring up a new way to quantify a defenders true value. 


(Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night.)


High ticket prices on the secondary market and bad baseball conversations.  One hurts the wallet and one is mildly annoying.  These are also easy to avoid, buy your tickets directly from Los Gigantes and do not attempt to engage in a conversation with band wagon fans.


(Band wagon fans are easy to spot, 78% of them wear strap-back hats)


There are obvious positives that band wagon fans bring to the table: a full Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park, excitement, and a sense of camaraderie.  The number #1 positive of a band wagon fan often goes over looked.


1. Band Wagon Fans Breed New Fans.


A band wagon fan has the ability to spread their fandom to others. 


My brother in law, admittedly, is not a big baseball fan but got into Los Gigantes championship run.  He grew a playoff beard, looked up “The Machine”, and used the word “delicious” as often as possible. 


(Wait, I think he just had a man crush on B-Weezy.)


Will his interest in baseball/man crush of B-Weezy subside? Undoubtedly yes, but his excitement carried over to his oldest son, who is now a huge Gigantes fan. I bought him a Big Time Timmy Jim World Series Jersey for Christmas.  My Sister told me he wore the jersey for three straight weeks.  The jersey had to be torn off him to be washed.


Los Gigantes World Series run along with his Father’s excitement was the key to make my nephew a fan.  He watched more baseball in one month than he had previously watched in his lifetime.  How awesome is that?


New fan creation is well worth the high ticket prices and bad baseball conversations that result from fans hopping on the band wagon.


It doesn’t matter when you board the train, or even purchase a ticket; all that matters is that you arrive at the destination.  The World Series was the destination and we all arrived together.


There is plenty of room for the 2011 season.


All Aboard.