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“Hey, Easy Rambo.”

April 5th, 2010 was my personal Christmas, as I expect it was for many Americans.  I didn’t sleep on Sunday night.  Really I didn’t sleep.  It doesn’t matter I was at work until 4:00AM.  I fell asleep around 6:30AM only to have my alarm go off at 9:45AM.  EFFFF sleep, there were multiple games to watch.  I digested the Cards/Reds (Pujols is a machine, he is not human.  He needs to be checked for a pulse), White Sox/Tribe (Buehrle anyone???), and Braves/Cubbies (Heyward looks like LeBron in a baseball uniform).

It was time. Gigantes vs. Houston.  I had a thought I have not had in couple years when the lineups were posted on the TV screen.  Los Gigantes lineup is better than the opponent.  Without Lance Berkman, the Astros lineup was gross.  It was evident Houston was going to have a problem scoring runs.

The Astros scored six runs in the series.

Lincecum shoved.  Zito shoved. Cain shoved. 


I love brooms.

I have one tangent.  Does Hunter Pence annoy anyone else?  Nothing he does looks natural. He throws and runs goofy.  He hits with his so head so sideways it is almost on his right shoulder.  He reminds me of a 45 year old rookie softball player who puts “hustle” on the back of his #14 jersey.  Pence went 0 for the series, it was satisfying. 

I was unable to attend the home opener as I am purchasing a home and will no longer have every extra cent to spend on Gigantes baseball.  Yes, responsibility sucks.  

fat broke.jpg

I celebrated the home opener on the cheap.  KJ and I had an opening day feast.  KJ fired up the grill and I made beermosas.  Perfect.

My Dad and friend (Brad) were in not only in attendance, but they were part of the on field “pomp and pageantry” (Greg Papa said this phrase about 10 times in a 30 minute pre-game show).  Brad and my Dad got to hold the huge American flag on the field during the national anthem.  They had to show up at 8:00AM for practice.  This gave them a 4 hour gap to marinade, and they did. 

Panda Pops.jpg

My Dad was wearing a Panda hat and was consuming copious amounts of Jager.  He was interviewed by multiple television crews.  He made the cut in at least one.  He was hilarious.  I will try to post his video on YouTube and put a link up. 

Los Gigantes are now selling Timmy wigs.  I should be compensated. 

Renteria’s game tying jack in the bottom of the 9th off Wagner gave me a flashback to the “I think something good happened” moment.  Renteria has been unbelievable thus far, contract year???

Los Gigantes were 4-0, on pace for 162-0.  I think that would be a record.

I attended the Saturday night game.

SLY’s 2010 Gigantes record: 0-1

I may be a jinx this year.  This was confirmed when I met a man whose blood alcohol level was high enough to the point that I am certain he could not have operated a “Power Wheels” children vehicle from the early 90s. 

drunk power wheels.jpg

Here is our short conversation:

Power Wheels: “Let me be real.”

SLY: “Be real.”

Power Wheels: “I am 10-0 in my lifetime coming to Gigantes games.  I’ve been coming to games since Will “The Thrill” played here.”

Will Clark never played a game at Pac Bell/SBC/AT&T Park. 

I put my hands on my knees and started to laugh.

Power Wheels: “Hey, Easy Rambo!”

KJ grabbed me and we quickly left the angry drunk man.

drunk luck cartoon.jpg

My empirical evidence shows that drunk luck is one the strongest sources of luck in the world. I work in a casino.  I know about drunk luck.  My jinx was strong enough to break a drunken man’s 10-0 record.  I am sure he was hammered at every one of the Gigantes games he attended. 

I will not attend a Gigantes game until they lose without my presence.

I did not attend the rain-delayed game on Sunday.

Los Gigantes won.

Timmy was awesome minus one mistake which McCann hit a mile.

I will not mind if I do not attend another game this season.


Bring on the Buc-Os.

Barry Zito is on the hill.

Barry Zito and Goose.jpg

Get your favorite adult beverage and participate in the Barry Zito Drinking Game.

I will post the results of the game tomorrow.