Surreal Scene

Surreal Scene





This entry will be used as a way for me to write out the details of one of the craziest acts I have seen in my short time on earth.The details are fresh and there is a strong possibility I will be called for some sort of questioning.


The day started innocent enough.I woke up to Murph and Mac, listened to Krukow talk about pitchers fielding their position (Please!!!), and made myself some breakfast.


(I have to have at least one Gigantes mention)


I left my quasi-city complex around 8:30AM and headed southbound to the freeway.


For visual reference, the parkway from my quasi-city complex that leads to the freeway entrance has two lanes northbound and southbound.


I drove in the right hand lane at a speed of around 55 MPH.The speed limit is 45 MPH, but that speed limit is rarely observed.


At 8:35AM or so I noticed an unusual sight, a car driving in the field to my right.


The car was a newer model Dodge Challenger.The Challenger’s color was black, the front end was smashed, and it approached my vehicle at an alarming rate.


The Challenger passed my vehicle on the right, off the road in the field, at a rate of approximately 80 MPH.


I had no clue at the moment what was going on.


There was a work truck and car (I noticed 3 workers) parked in the field approximately ¼ mile up (South) the road.


It soon occurred to me what was about to happen.


The Challenger had no intention of moving back towards the road. The Challenger headed straight for the parked work truck and car.


It happened.


The Challenger sped full speed into the work truck.I did not observe any break lights, or what happened to the people who were working in the field near the work truck and car.


The scene was something straight out of Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”.


Shock is not a descriptive enough word.


One of my biggest strengths in life and what has made me successful at my job is the ability to access a situation and make an informed decision.


My first thought was that the driver of the Challenger attempted suicide and there was a good chance he was successful.


I expected multiple fatalities at the scene.


I approached the scene (in my car) with caution and normal human curiosity.


One man was seriously injured.The man was in shock and appeared to have devastating leg and hip injuries.He unsuccessfully attempted to get up multiple times.The other two people at the scene were in shock of what happened but appeared uninjured.


I had a decision.What is my role going to be here?


As I analyzed my options, another car quickly drove past me to the scene.The car had recently been rear ended.When I write “recently”, I mean as in the last 5 minutes.


The Challenger had at least one opening act before the finale.


The driver of the Challenger emerged from the wrecked car, he appeared uninjured.The driver was an Asian male, shaved head, and an age of mid 30s-early 40s.


The driver was someone who obviously was not of a sound or logical mind.


He walked around the scene with a sense of calm among all the devastation and destruction he was responsible for.


His sense of calm spooked me.I had the sick feeling that if he had a weapon, he would use it for harm on anyone around him.


I did not know the driver’s intentions or wanted to stick around to find out. Engaging the driver at the scene would not lead to anything positive.I felt as if the seriously injured party was being attended by the two others (excluding the driver) at the scene.


I called 911 as I left the scene.My call had one unique purpose as I knew 911 had already been called.


My goal was to alert dispatch that the accident scene should be treated as a crime scene as there was intent to injure and to proceed with caution with the driver.


I was glad I called as this was new information to dispatch.


The radio was silent for the 45 minute drive to work.I sat and thought about the surreal situation.


I was at a stop light the minute before.Would I have been the recipient of a high speed rear-end crash?I would have been an easy target.


All of a sudden, life felt very fragile and Aaron Rowand’s .484 OPS in May felt insignificant.

*** Thanks to Cyndie Moran of for the photos***

The White Car was the Opening Act

The Once Pristine Dodge Challenger


The Field to the right is where the “accident” occured




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